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This ByBit guide will explain you how to use the crypto exchange of ByBit. This exchange is a derivative exchange for crypto currencies which launched its services at the end of 2018.

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The exchange provides traders with the right to swap perpetual crypto currency deals with up to 100:1 leverage. The exchange has managed to build up sizeable liquidity in its short time in business. In their page about us, the exchange says that they have a team consisting of blockchain technology and finance experts. Their technology team, for instance, has people who come from Morgan Stanley, Tencent, etc. On Linkedin, you can try them out.

While the exchanges have several similarities, there are some specific features that Bybit has added that could make them appealing. As we cover their trading technology, we will touch on these features. The exchange is available to most traders around the world and the website has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and recently Russian English, Simplified and Traditional. There are, however, several jurisdictions in which they do not work, including the likes of the USA, Syria, and the Province of Quebec in Canada etc.

How to Use Bybit?

Use this connection to register for Bybit and receive a welcome bonus of $60 ($10 for registration and $50 for a 0.2 BTC initial deposit) if you are not already a Bybit customer.

Step 1: How to Register on Bybit?

You’ll need to sign up for an account before you begin trading on Bybit. Fortunately, it is very easy to do so. You will note a “Register” button on the top navigation bar when you access the platform’s website. You’ll see a form as soon as you press it.

You will receive a confirmation code once you enter an email address and password. You’re ready to go once you’ve put that in.

Step 2: How to Deposit and Withdraw on Bybit?

Of course, in order to exchange with Bybit, you’ll have to deposit funds first. On the top navigation bar, select the ‘Property’ tab and you will see all available perpetual contracts listed neatly. Bybit is a network that is crypto-based, so cryptocurrencies can only be deposited.

You can also track all the important metrics here, including Unrealized P&L, Available Margin, and Place Margin, to calculate the performance of your positions. You can see options for depositing and withdrawing funds on the right side, too.

Step 3: How to Sell on Bybit?

There are four distinct cryptocurrencies in Bybit that you can trade:


Bybit uses permanent contracts, meaning that in order to exchange the pair, you need to deposit the underlying currency (such as ETH). As you can in Bitmex, you can’t exchange ETH/USD pair with Bitcoin as margin. In general, the rule of thumb is that being liquidated and losing the entire margin (or collateral) is not the best way to minimize risk as you lose maintenance margin and original margin, the lower the leverage the better. The default maintenance margin for the lowest risk cap of 100 BTC is 0.50 percent and the initial margin is 1.00 percent. The risk limit is your position’s maximum BTC value and begins at 100 BTC (maximum 550 BTC).

Step 4: How to Buy on Bybit?

If the trader currently holds a long position of 0.2 BTC and a short position of 0.1 BTC. By clicking on the long position fast reversal feature, the device will immediately apply a short market order of 0.4 BTC, which will first close the existing long position of 0.2 BTC, and then open an additional short position of 0.2 BTC in the short direction. Once this is executed, 0.3 BTC in a short position would be the new position.

Bybit guide for beginners

Bybit has a range of instruments that will help avoid the possibility of liquidation for traders. The following include these:

Dual Price Mechanism

Bybit would use a dual price mechanism as the contract reference price to reduce the possibility of market manipulation on the exchange. This consists of the “mark price” that induces the liquidation and the “last traded price” that is used to assess the price at which the position is closed. The former is the global price of Bitcoin, while the latter is the real market price of Bybit. Using external pricing inputs eliminates the manipulation of singular exchange.

Auto Margin Replenishment

 You can set it to auto-replenish if you want to make sure your place will still have sufficient margin levels. This implies that it will draw on your funds to hold your place open when your margin is close to being exhausted.

Stop Loss

This is part of the choices we are talking about below for ordering. Getting successful stop losses on your positions would ensure that the liquidation stage never gets down to it.

What Is Bybit?

Speed is often emphasized by Bybit. Over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) are allocated by the platform to each trading pair listed on its platform, ensuring that users should have no trouble making trades across either pair. Across its young history, Bybit has also suffered no recorded hacks or security breaches.

Crypto Exchange

Bybit is a British Virgin Islands Crypto exchange. Bybit announced on its website on the date of the last update to this analysis (13 January 2021) that it had more than 1.2 million users, which is very impressive. Bybit is a crypto derivative exchange where a certain number of assets can be exchanged with up to 100x leverage (see above what cryptos you can trade here). That’s not everything you can swap, though. It is also possible to trade quarterly futures contracts on this site. Based on their calendar period, these contracts will expire and converge on the spot price. One key benefit is that there is no need for users to pay any funding costs anymore. The exchange hosts traders from around the world, including North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, according to Bybit.

The exchange takes pride in providing its customers with multilingual online support and is dedicated to offering a transparent and productive trading experience.

How does Bybit Works?

Bybit operates a secure cold storage solution to address the threat posed by hackers. This implies that in offline wallets that are kept in a protected “air-gapped” location, they store the bulk of their crypto reserves, and all the funds of the customers. In order to satisfy the needs of traders when it comes to withdrawals, there is only a small portion of their own coins that are kept in their “hot wallets.” In addition, they need to use a multi-signature address scheme if they ever need to transfer funds from cold storage.

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