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What do you think of our hot Airdrops? We did everything we could to create a list that would give you a great insight in the hottest Airdrops of this moment. It sometimes is hard to find the right Airdrop. There are so many, and you don’t want to spill your time on the wrong Airdrop. That’s the exact reason we created this list of hottest Airdrops.

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Are you looking for something else? We also can give you great recommendations on the best crypto exchanges. That’s why we created a list with guides and exchanges of several cryptocurrency exchanges. In this way, we want to help people decide for the right crypto exchange. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions if you’re not sure about the choice you’re about to make.

What are crypto Airdrops?

We would love to explain you what crypto Airdrops are. An Airdrop is a promotional activity typically conducted to help bootstrap a virtual currency project by blockchain-based startups. It aims to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency project and to get more people to trade in it when it is listed as an initial coin offering on an exchange (ICO). In general, Airdrops are advertised on the company’s website as well as on cryptocurrency forums, and coins or tokens are sent only to current crypto wallet holders, usually those of bitcoin or Ethereum.

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