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Cryptofather is a website about cryptocurrencies, exchanges and Airdrops. We give theoretical information about these subjects as well as give recommendations about them. So whenever you need to know anything about these subjects, Cryptofather is the man you need.

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We also have several social media channels on which we post Airdrops. To always be up-to-date, we suggest you to follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group.


The world is changing. Cryptocurrencies are getting more important day by day. And that means that more and more people are interested in cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Ripple. Though it’s very important to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies before you start trading in them

Cryptofather gives you information about cryptocurrencies. Think about the blockchain a currency is running on, which consensus algorithm is used and how the cryptocurrency itself works. But also about the exchanges where you can buy the cryptocurrency, and what price you should expect.

On our homepage, you can see the real-time prices of the top-50 cryptocurrencies of the world. If you want to buy a currency, we suggest you to take a look at the exchanges we support.


Our website is mainly focussed on Airdrops. We update our website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to give you the latest Airdrops. The Airdrops are divided between normal and hot. The hottest Airdrops are listed on a special page.

For each Airdrop, we give you the best information we can give to you. This makes in easy for you to make a decision. Then we also tell you how you can join the Airdrop.


Cryptofather support several exchanges. We’d like to give you our honest opinion about the most popular and less popular crypto exchanges in our reviews. Here we will explain you what you can expect when using this exchange. But we don’t stop at that point.

We also publish exchange guides on our website. The guides will explain you how you can start using one of the exchanges. By this way, you can start more easily than ever before. That’s why we really recommend reading our crypto reviews and guides before starting in trading cryptocurrencies.

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